Mandela Day



On Mandela Day we were blessed with beautiful weather, visits from various groups and individuals to celebrate “giving back to the community”, and generous donations and treats!

The day started off with the Cheshire Wheelchair Olympics which was great fun and games! Residents, staff and volunteers all enjoyed the variety of game stations! The overall best performing team, “The Beansters”, were crowned champions of the day!

After lunch the entire Isuzu Southern Kings team and management visited the Home and spent time with the residents which was very informative and interactive.

During afternoon tea, staff members of Mantis No 5 Boutique Hotel visited us and treated residents to delicious cake and handed out much-needed toiletry parcels!

Each resident also received a beautiful mink blanket from a company (anonymous), and SANZAF too donated 25 blankets to the Home! A special thank you to Ward 1 for the donation of suckers for the residents! We would like to thank everyone involved for the wonderful, generous support on the day! Visit our Facebook page, Cheshire Home Summerstrand, for beautiful photos of Mandela Day!

Chartity Shops...



(7 Gomery Avenue, Summerstrand)

Various quality branded handbags/travel luggage, shoes, kids bags

for sale at bargain prizes!

We gladly accept donations of unwanted items, pre-loved clothes, linen & any household items.


PLEASE CONTACT THE HOME ON 041 583 2183 for more info!

From the Manager's Desk...


No more than one generation ago, the sharing of information was tightly guarded. This being in the pre-internet days, and access to so-called public information was limited, difficult to access and the channels were challenging.

Any knowledge, information and authority was enshrined in books and newspapers, or broadcast via television and radio and it was not really required or needed for all intensive purposes by individuals. “You don’t know what you don’t know”…

Can you remember when:

  • You had to wait for the 8pm news to update your local and worldwide knowledge
  • Library index cards
  • Tuning in to local radio FM stations for hourly news broadcasts
  • Waiting for Mnet open time
  • SABC started at 6m
  • Dialling and exchange to make a telephone call!
  • Dialling up to connect to the internet!

Fast forward ±30 years and access to information is accessed and explored every second of every day! It is created and consumed in mass quantities, with thanks to all the social media platfoms, the internet podcasts, live streaming news. We all ‘Google’ from time to time, search engines spewing out information to millions of people across the globe…all the time. Cellular phones, tablets, ipads all connecting to the internet and making access to information so much easier.

Influence is no longer the right of the few. Any person can become an influencer. It is the age of influence and every business and individual has the opportunity to embrace its possibilities which are endless.

The positive influence of Cheshire Home Summerstrand lies in the hands of our residents, volunteers, family, friends, donors and staff. Through word of mouth, social media, events and campaigns - we can extend our awareness reach to a bigger audience and ‘make the circle bigger’. A wealth of knowledge on our website; visit our active Facebook page, Cheshire Home Summerstrand (and encourage more people to like our page); add us as a beneficiary of Woolworths My School Card; become a 300 Club member and invite a friend, become a R50 per month Friend of Cheshire.

The accessibility to information has opened up a new world for our residents – as they now have Wi-Fi access and can research, communicate, Google and much more. A right to knowledge without leaving the comfort of the Home.

Influence those around you through awareness, support and generosity. If you are interested in influencing the shape of our residents’ future by being a volunteer, please let us know. Influence and enhance the future of our Home and our residents…take that step.

With love,


Casual Day - Friday 6 September



We are inviting YOU to go with your glow on Casual Day 2019…from the sparkle in your eyes to the bright neon of your outfits. To encourage everyone to shine their light and take up their rights! No longer are persons with disabilities to be relegated to the shadows, this year we call on YOU to stand out, to be visible, to live loud and be seen!

The theme of TIME TO SHINE sets out to achieve many things:

  • to highlight and showcase the brilliance that’s created when South Africans unite behind a truly great cause
  • to encourage people to shine their light and take up their rights.

Of every R10 sticker we sell for Casual Day we get R4. The balance goes into a national fund for the support of disability. We will be able to use the funds we raise for the direct benefit of the 57 disabled adults we care for at Cheshire Home Summerstrand, and the 22 disabled children at our outreach project Khaya Cheshire in Walmer Township.  

Please contact us for stickers and posters as soon as possible so you can start selling early. This year we invite you to visit the Home on Casual Day and “Shine” with our residents. We sincerely hope that YOU will support us on Casual Day.

For more info and stickers please phone Deidre, Glenda or Silest on 041 583 2183!